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Just back from the PHPBenelux conference

Last weekend I went to the PHPBenelux conference in Edegem near Antwerpen, Belgium. The conference begun at Friday and started with four workshops to choose from. First day of conference is divided in 2 parts. The 1st part is the … Continue reading

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PhpTaskDaemon: Defining Tasks

Last blog posts I introduced the PhpTaskDaemon project and provided a current state of alternatives for running php in the background. This time I will provide the basic concept for creating PhpTaskDaemon. First of all I start with some (useful) … Continue reading

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PlugWeb: System architecture overview

PlugWeb goals The first goal of this project is create a component which is able to communicate with the plugwise devices in a linux environment. After this goal has been achieved it is time to use the component to create … Continue reading

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PhpTaskDaemon: Current state of running PHP scripts using the command line

The goal of PhpTaskDaemon is to provide an easy and usable API to define task loading and execution run. A command line utility will be provided to execute and monitor one or more tasks. This blog posts I will provide an overview of currect technologies for starting PHP scripts. Minimalist examples will be provided to show the usage of the different technologies. Continue reading

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