As a software developer I like to improve my programming techniques and learn new technologies. On this page I list a subset of projects I work on. Not all projects are open source and/or build by meself alone. Contact me if you have any questions or remarks about one of the projects.

PhpTaskDaemon is an open source library for creating PHP daemons for unix environments. It provides a simple API consisting of two methods for defining the loading of a task queue and the execution of a single task. The tasks are run by a manager, which defines the way when and how tasks are executed. A single command line script is used to start, stop and monitor the daemon.

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Plugweb is a web application for controlling and polling plugwise devices. The web application provides easy access for controlling and monitoring the devices. Historic statistics can easily be requested and printed. Devices can be grouped into types and placed onto areas (images). There are no dependencies with the official plugwise application (a custom driver communicates with the zigbee network using the plugwise USB stick). A daemon periodically collects history power usage information and response to requests for switching on/off devices.

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MetalWars is a hobby project in which I try to create a massive multi player online game. Every player starts with an empty island to build his military base. Upgrade buildings and construct new buildings to increase resource income and improve the military power.  Missiles and metal marines (huge metal robots) can be fired upon an enemy to destroy buildings, steal resources and conquer islands. To win the battle all enemies need to be destroyed. A friend of mine joined developing the project, which is not available as open source software.

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