Just back from the PHPBenelux conference

Last weekend I went to the PHPBenelux conference in Edegem near Antwerpen, Belgium. The conference begun at Friday and started with four workshops to choose from. First day of conference is divided in 2 parts. The 1st part is the tutorial morning followed by a lunch. The 2nd part is the conference in the afternoon. In this blog post I will list some talks I found very interesting.

The first talk I mention is called "PHP in the mobile ecosystem" by Ivo Jansch. He talks about the mobile revolution and looks at the role of PHP in this environment. (more info).

Next the talk "Harness the power of sed and awk" by Joshua Thijssen was not PHP related, but however very interesting and useful. He give some examples of problems developers faces from time to time, and are probably solved in the language the developer knows best. Next he gave an introduction of the unix tools sed and awk and some nice examples for solving the problems mentioned earlier in an elegant and efficient way using the two tools (more info).

Martin de Keijzer give a talk about continuous integration called "Improving code quality with continuous integration". "Continuous Integration is the combination of any number of the available tools used to improve quality of both code and process." In his talk he looked at the available tools and how these can be used to increase the quality of your software project (more info).

Another nice talk was called "Advanced CouchDB" by Sander de Graaf. He explained what CouchDB is and where it is made for. After a short introduction of CouchDB he showed up some cool things you can do with CouchDB (more info).

The last talk I will mention is the talk by Stephan Hochdoerfer called "How to build customizable multitenant web applications". Multi-tenant web applications are applications sharing the same code base for a lot of client with different requirements. He shows some challenges and solutions for building muli-tenant web applications (more info).

The organisation of the conference was very good for which I would like to thank all crew members of the PHP Benelux conference for the great weekend. See you all next year!

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