Visited monthly PHPBenelux meeting

Last Tuesday I went to the monthly PHPBenelux meeting after work. This time the meeting was held at Enrise located in Amersfoort. Look on the PHPBenelux agenda for more information about when and where the meetings are.

The first talk by Joshua Thijssen consisted of 15 pro-tips for MySQL users. He started with some basic tips every respected mysql user must/shoudl know, but are forgotten many tips, such as analyzing your table after importing a lot of data. Near the end where some more complex examples of performances consequences of using certain methods. A simple example would be using non-deterministic functions (as NOW()), which can not be cached.

The second talk was about WebDav and in particular SabreDav by Evert Pot. He started with a short introduction of what WebDAV is and what is consist of. After that he introduced one of his own projects called SabreDAV. SabreDAV is a PHP library for implementing WebDAV in your PHP application. The code is object oriented and easily to integrate in existing software in order to expose your application data as a generic network filesystem.

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