Dutch PHP Conference (DPC)

Last weekend I went to the Dutch PHP Conference 2011 (DPC11) in Amsterdam.  The first day, Thursday, was the tutorial day, where you could choose between four workshops. On Friday and Saturday talks were given by speakers from all around the world speaking about the latest trends and technologies about or related to PHP. In this blog post I will mention a few talks, which I found very interesting and/or enjoyable.

Friday started with the keynote of Aral Balkan 'The Art of User Experience: Making beautiful, delightful, fun things'. In this session, Aral Balkan outlined the important role that user experience design plays in the making of virtual products. One of the first talks I visited after that was the talk of Paul Matthews about Solr called: 'Searching with Solr - Why, When and How', in which he showed some very nice features of Solr. David Zulke presented a talk about 'Large-scale data processing with Hadoop and PHP'. Also my colleague Evert Pot presented a talk about REST called 'Do you think you know REST?'. Finally I will mention the talk by Alistair Stead called 'Cooking up your development enviroment'.

There was also a DPC unconference, which is a fourth additional track without a predefined schedule. The speakers in this track are the conference attendees and are scheduled on the day itself. (You have to be very early in order to reserve a slot, because it is full within no time). I was able to get a slot of 15 minutes the second day to present a my talk about PhpTaskDaemon and PlugWeb called: 'Tasks, Daemons and Lightbulbs'. I would like to thank all people who visited my talk for being there and also for the feedback I received to improve my presentation skills. Also I had some nice discussion about new ideas for the PhpTaskDaemon project .

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