Long time no see

Happy holidays everyone! It was a long time I published blog post (over 6 years). My intentions for 2019 is to publish at least a couple of new blog posts.

So what I have been up to last couple of years? The work at booking is very interesting and challenging, which took a large portion of my time. I learned how to develop and run systems that need to scale up to large user base. Booking.com is a nice company to work for with a lot of smart people. Have a look on workingatbooking.com if you are interested to join.

Besides my work I still spent a lot of time on hobby projects. These projects are mostly software projects. However I also like to built physical stuff once in a while. (see the balcony tomato plants).

Recently I spent a lot of time of a pet project: Cheezy Framework. The aim of this framework is to be an open source low code framework, which enables citizen developers to most of an application themselves.

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Want to see the cheezy internals?
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