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Linux terminal output libraries ( 2019-01-26 )
Recently I wanted to build a small application to ask the user for some input before generating some output (as all programs do). For this task I decided to use a small command line script to do the job as it was the best fit for the job (a linux based install script). The script will run in the terminal so it would be nice to use a fancy library to ask the input in various ways (checkbox, radio, menu, progress, etc). read full article


Long time no see ( 2018-12-30 )
It was a long time I published blog post (over 6 years). My intentions for 2019 is to publish at least a couple of new blog posts. read full article


Arduino Traffic Lights #2: Programming the arduino controller ( 2012-03-06 )
Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board. read full article

Arduino Traffic Lights #1: Introduction ( 2012-01-26 )
The first post in a series of how to create a traffic light using Arduino I will describe my plan how I am going to built it. read full article


PhpRestService: Simple PHP 5 REST framework ( 2011-12-29 )
The PhpRestService project focuses on setting up RESTful webservices with PHP. The REpresentational State Transfer (REST) protocol is a set of architectural principles for designing RESTful webservices. read full article

Dutch PHP Conference ( 2011-05-23 )
Last weekend I went to the annual Dutch PHP Conference 2011 (DPC11) in Amsterdam. On Friday and Saturday talks were given by speakers from all around the world speaking about the latest trends and technologies about or related to PHP. read full article

PlugWeb: Creating the driver ( 2011-04-24 )
This blogpost I will cover developing the driver for the plugwise network including code examples. read full article

Visited Monthly PHP Benelux month meeting ( 2011-03-30 )
Last Tuesday I went to the monthly PHPBenelux meeting after work. Look on the PHPBenelux agenda for more information about when and where the meetings are. read full article

PhpTaskDaemon: Configuring, starting and monitoring the daemon ( 2011-03-29 )
Previous post I talked about the defining Tasks using the abstract Task class of the PhpTaskDaemon project including a simple example of a task implementation. This time I will go into how the daemon can be started, stopped and monitored. read full article

Just back from the PHP Benelux conference ( 2011-01-30 )
Last weekend I went to the PHPBenelux conference in Edegem near Antwerpen, Belgium. In this blog post I will list some talks I found very interesting. read full article

PlugWeb: Implementing the daemon using PhpTaskDaemon ( 2011-01-18 )
read full article

PhpTaskDaemon: Defining Tasks ( 2011-01-16 )
This post will provide the basic concept for creating PhpTaskDaemon including some code examples. read full article

PlugWeb: System Architecture Overview ( 2011-01-15 )
This blog post explains the high level architecture behind the PlugWeb project. read full article

PhpTaskDaemon: Current state of running PHP scripts using the command line ( 2011-01-02 )
The goal of PhpTaskDaemon is to provide an easy and usable API to define task loading and execution run. A command line utility will be provided to execute and monitor one or more tasks. This blog posts I will provide an overview of currect technologies for starting PHP scripts. read full article


PhpTaskDaemon: An introduction ( 2010-12-31 )
PHP is most often used for developing web based applications. But PHP can also be used for developing starting scripts using the command line. Scripts can easily be run as cron jobs, daemons, gearman workers and some other techniques to execute a set of tasks periodically, on-demand and/or parallel. read full article

PlugWeb: An introduction ( 2010-12-30 )
This is the first blog post in a series about developing a web application called PlugWeb. This first post is an introduction to the project. The goals and requirements for this project will be defined. read full article

First Blog Post ( 2010-12-08 )
My name is Dirk Engels and I welcome you to my new blog. I am a software engineer in the netherlands. My focus is on building high quality, scalable and maintainable web applications. read full article

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